Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Throne of Ahaz

So my friend who used to sing for the Kosovoan metal/punk outfit Panika (if you can find their records check them out) was scrolling through a site of black metal also-rans. He sent me a message asking what I knew about Throne of Ahaz. Until his message, I must say nothing. I am fairly new to black metal so I am starting at the ground floor and listening to the masters, Burzum, Mayhem, Immortal, Bathory, you know the list if you dig bm. Being a music fanatic, I am always trying to find bands that flew under the radar. This seems to be one of those bands. This Swedish band put out two LPs, Nifelheim in 1995 and On Twilight Enthroned in 1996. A general web search shows me that these two records are no longer in print and very hard to find. This is a shame as the sound samples found at the link below sound very promising. The website with the sound samples describes them as the midway point between the primitive grimness of Bathory and the more melodic approach of Dissection. From the clips, this sounds like an pretty good description. I tell ya one thing, when I'm digging through used CDs or surfing the net, I'm gonna keep an eye peeled for either of their records. Sounds like some very solid and frostbitten bm. Rock on.

Sound clips and record reviews can be found here:

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Panika said...


thanks for the info. As I was looking for some new fresh sounds I found a band that I was not aware of "Uncanny".