Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm Sorry...........I'm Sorry I Did That

So I went and saw one of my all time music heroes back in October of 2007, Glenn Danzig. This guy's resume is legendary. He pretty much wrote the best pop punk ever before it was a genre (Misfits), helped lay the framework for thrash metal (Misfits again, Earth A.D.), made goth cool and dangerous (Samhain), and retreated to the basic bluesy rock and roll that he is very good at (solo career). Love the guy, love the tunes, just a big fan.

Anyway, I go to this show in Baltimore amped as all hell because there is a band called Gorgeous Frankenstein opening the show. I wasn't all that interested in that band per say, but the presence of one of their members. See, their guitar player is Doyle who was the guitarist for the Misfits. He is also a giant, but that's beside the point. It was advertised that during the Danzig set, Doyle would come out for a Misfits set. Just the thought made me dizzy. Danzig singing Misfits tunes with me in attendence. I was giddy.

So Danzig hits the stage and is kicking ass. He sounds great, looks good, and the rock is just being laid thick. The show is kicking ass until about an hour in when they were doing the song "How the Gods Kill". Danzig is standing on the front of the stage just going for it and he fell off, falling about 7 feet and landing squarely on his shoulder. Rock and roll right? Well, not quite. When he got back on stage the whole mood of the show turned sour. Danzig started yelling at his guitar player and was obviously uncomfortable. He did a few more tunes and consulted with the band. Then they played "Mother" and "Twist of Cain" and left the stage. Next thing, here come the house lights, no encore, and more importantly, no Misfits set. I was not the only one disappointed obviously as the crowd started chanting "Bullshit............Bullshit". I join right in, screaming Bullshit at one of my heroes. I left all bitter and pissed off.

It turns out that Danzig dislocated his shoulder in that fall and he ended up cancelling either whole or parts of many of his later shows to heal up. See, when i first heard that I thought he should have just told the audience why he left and we would have understood. The more I think about I'm glad he didn't apologize. This is Rock, no excuses, no my shoulder hurts and I'm gonna use it as an excuse. He gave us a great show and then after dislocating his shoulder hung in there and delivered the hits to his fans and didn't once whine or cry about it. Sure we didn't get Misfits, but an hour and a half of Danzig stuff still makes for an excellent show.

So that's that. I'm very sorry I chanted Bullshit at Danzig and I want to take it back. Glenn, you are the man.

Here's the video of the fall (the spill occurs at 4:09, but I recommend you watch the whole video because the song is fuckin' rad.)

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