Friday, January 4, 2008

Post Zero

Yessir, folks. Tex has lots to say about records he listens to and shows he sees. However, I am not real keen on boring my friends and family with song by song breakdowns of metal records and how their arrangement effects the overall listening experience. Or other such musical minutiae that only myself and others of my ilk truly understand. Therefore, I have opted to record these thoughts here in hope that other people might get exposed to a new band or get reminded to revisit old favorites to appreciate their greatness.

What to expect: record reviews, show reviews, links to mp3s, diatribes on inane musical things that interest me, etc. I am also hoping to convert many of the vinyl treasures I have emassed into mp3s that y'all can download. I have a ton of punk, hardcore, and metal LPs and seven inches that are never going to be repressed and I want to get these out there to people who never heard 'em the first time round and to those that thought they would never hear 'em again.

Let's do this.

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Anonymous said...

If I ever die of a heart attack, I hope it will be from playing my stereo too loud.