Monday, January 28, 2008

Overlooked Classics- Volume 2

The Dwarves- Blood, Guts, and Pussy

So I was exposed to Mudhoney at about the age of 15 and immediately had to buy everything on Sub Pop Records. One of the first I picked up was this gem by the sleaze punks known as the Dwarves. First take, album cover has two hot, naked chicks on it covered in blood and a naked dwarf in the background with a butchered rabbit. What the fuck!? I had to hear this! Second take, pop it into the CD player: 12 songs, 13 minutes. Are you serious? Then came the catchy and filthy sound of the opening guitar riff to "Back Seat of My Car" and I'm in heaven. For thirteen minutes, I experience sex, drugs, and rock and roll aurally that no suburban teen can ever really be a part of. This was the real shit. These guys didn't give a fuck, all probably had syphilis, and huge crank addictions. Plus they listened to all the great punk bands and turned it disgusting singing about how they wanted to get AIDS. I would have bet these dudes lived in an alley and humped crack whores all day. Craziness.

Plus, check out these song titles:

Topic: Sex

Back Seat of My Car

Let's Fuck

Insect Whore

Flesh Tantrum

Topic: Drugs

Drug Store

Skin Poppin Slut

Fuck You Up and Get High

Topic: The F Word



I was floored and 17 years later, still love it. They never really put out any music I dug after this gem, but chances are if you like perverted punk rock, some of their later releases probably will appeal to you. These guys were disgusting like GG Allin, but unlike GG, they made rock and roll sound fun and dangerous, as opposed to just sick.

Check out this video for Drugstore. I've seen it a dozen times, but never noticed until just now that at one point the singer has no pants on. Gross, but not unexpected.

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